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The Pool Of The Nobodies

An indigenous migrant named Alex is put to the ultimate test, forced to enter the criminal underworld just to live another day. Anayeli, another indigenous migrant, struggles to save the life of her unborn son, as well as her own. They will both do unthinkable things to survive The Pool of the Nobodies.

The Kill Floor poster.jpeg

The Kill Floor

When the Covid-19 pandemic engulfs a meatpacking plant in his rural hometown, a young Latinx reporter returns to uncover the urgent and deadly circumstances threatening the plant’s workers – including his father.

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¡Sí Se Puede! - Trade Union Action in Colombia

A beautiful and moving film about the dangerous and deadly work of trade unionists in Colombia and how they organise to defend life.

When Will You Return poster.jpeg

¿Cuando Volveras? (When will you return?)

In a remote mountainous region of Mexico, a group of migrants on their way to the United States disappears, leaving families in the community grieving. Doña Conchita, who lost her son in the disappearance, must find a way to move forward as she raises her grandson.

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